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Thermographic diagnostics turns problems into tasks through visualization with thermal images. This way, the customer can immediately see what the problem is and what needs to be done, because a thermal image says more than words. Fast measurement and thermal imaging help you avoid mistakes and find potential sources of problems faster, thereby saving you thousands of BGN.

Detecting hidden moisture, mold, Scream accidents - no smashing

Hidden moisture and mold in the home have a very harmful effect on the health of its inhabitants. People with allergies and small children are the most sensitive. Sometimes we don't even have a clue, that the home is covered by these unpleasant microorganisms, as no visible traces are present. Only the heavy smell of dampness can be felt.
The thermal camera detects the presence of damp spots and mold invisible to the naked eye. Allows the source of the leak to be located, before it has grown and thus significantly saves repair costs.
When you flood the neighbors or they flood you, but you don't know what the reason is, the solution to your problem is a professional thermographic examination. We establish the exact location of the leak, You save money again.

Detection of leaks from roofs and terraces

The thermographic survey shows the expert the problem areas on roofs and terraces, even if they are imperceptible to the human eye. Allows to accurately determine locations, from where water penetrates and causes leaks and floods in residential buildings. In this way, a partial repair can be carried out and a complete replacement and repair of the roof/terrace is not required, which saves thousands of BGN and additional stress for the residents. Conducting a thermographic survey of open areas in buildings, such as roofs and terraces, requires specific preparation and weather conditions, therefore, it is necessary to contact our experts in advance, so they can give you their guidance.

Leak detection in bathrooms and wet rooms

Thermal camera inspection allows you to see if there are leaks in the pipeline without having to break and chip the bathroom tiles. The route is visualized through the thermal image, as in the warm one, as well as the cold water and the expert can perform a detailed examination and determine the presence of a problem. Professional thermographic examination allows to locate the exact location of the leak, thus saving you unnecessary breaking costs, repair, nerves and time. Very often, after an inspection by us, it turns out, that the cause of the leak is a trivial or minor problem, which is solved in minutes.

Locating leaks underground with ultrasound

Specialized acoustic equipment is the most effective way to detect water leaks underground. When the water, which is under pressure, leaking from a leaky pipe, it creates small vibrations. Using a high-sensitivity microphone, which is placed on the ground, these vibrations are amplified as sound.

Groundwater leaks can be caused by a number of things. This may include – ground movement/uplift, which damages the pipes, wear and tear over time, corrosion (which surprises some people), accidental damage or even tree roots. Figuring out exactly what is causing an underground leak can be difficult and will likely involve accessing it, especially if repairs are needed

The sound of a groundwater leak will vary depending on the type of leak, how strong it is (how much water is leaking), what is the surrounding space (soil, concrete, etc.) and how deep it is. A trained underground leak detector will not only have the equipment to hear underground leaks, but also a trained ear, to recognize them.

It allows to locate the exact place of the problem and to fix it as quickly as possible , saving you money from wasting water, Expenses For

Finding problems with underfloor heating

The thermal imaging camera shows you the temperature differences. The greater the deviation in temperatures, the more visible it is in the thermal image. If, for example, you want to make visible the heating pipes in the underfloor heating system, it is best to turn off the system before inspection, to allow the floor to cool and then when our team visits turn it back on at the highest setting. This will give the best view of the heating pipes and allow our experts to diagnose the problem.


A thermographic survey is the best way for future buyers to get to know the real technical condition of the home. With the help of the professional thermal imaging camera, you can detect invisible problems with DHW installations - leaks from burst pipes, hidden moisture, leaks from roofs and open terraces, problems with the electrical installation, heat loss due to poor-quality joinery or improper installation. For future buyers, a thermographic survey is a fully justified expense, which could save thousands of BGN and unpleasant surprises. On the other hand for the seller, a thermographic analysis is a serious competitive advantage and shows potential buyers, that the property is in really good condition , as is signal, that they are correct and honest.

Video diagnostics of sewage

Our company offers professional video diagnostics of channels and pipes to detect problems such as bursts, clogging, silting and others. During the real-time inspection, the customer receives information about the detected problem by means of an image and a video. Video diagnostics of channels and siphons in the home allows to locate the exact place of the problem without having to "break blindly", saving time and money.

Unclogging of channels f50 / sinks, siphons/

It turns out very often, that with time and daily use, the channels in the home are blocked by overlays or foreign objects. This prevents the water from draining and it gets stuck in the drains, which is often the cause of leaks and bad smell. We have the specialized RIDGID drain unclogging and cleaning machine, which with its own 600 revolutions per minute will clean even the most difficult-to-reach and clogged channels. We carry out professional unclogging and prevention of sewage for the purpose of prevention.

Mini excavator and dump truck services


  • Pipeline leak detection and repair – placement of brackets, partial pipe replacement;
  • Excavations for pipeline and sewage
  • Drainage works, trenches for linear area drainage;
  • Digging channels for electrical installations
  • Edge foundations;
  • Uprooting bushes, alignment and terrain shaping

We use specialized equipment in our work, which facilitates the timely and professional execution of the tasks undertaken. Our mini excavators are invaluable for all small construction jobs.

If a leak is detected in the pipeline, supplying your property we can respond immediately and repair and replace the pipe within a day and with minimal excavation. The rubber tracks on the excavator protect the tiles, the flooring and grass in your property, and the small dimensions of the excavator allow access to even the most difficult-to-reach places.

Construction work with a mini excavator is very efficient and fast. All thanks to the small size of this type of equipment. Small crawler excavators are narrow and light, and services with them can be carried out even in a narrow and heavily built-up area, as these machines do not require much free space when rotating and moving

The mini excavator is equipped with rubber tracks, making it easy to transport on any terrain. With its rubber tracks, it can be used for free movement in parks, gardens, sidewalks, driveways etc. Our excavators are the ideal solution for trenching for wiring and installations, VIK channels, gas, when leveling the terrain, to enable the use of heavier machinery on site and much more.

Our company specializes in the detection of underground leaks and their timely removal, including removal of excess construction materials / land, gravel etc/.

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